Saturday, October 13, 2018

Its a Girl!

I think we've pretty much told everyone, but baby #5 is a girl! Here are some photos Austin got of the ultrasound a few weeks ago:

 She's sucking her thumb!

Our Trip Home

We had an extremely busy two weeks in Colorado, Idaho, and Utah visiting family and friends. We visited lots of fun places, ate at yummy restaurants that aren't in Canada, shopped at stores that aren't in Canada, and hung out with people we love. I took tons of pictures, so I had to sort them down to some of my favorite. I didn't get pictures of everything, but I got a lot. We loved being home for two weeks, we just missed Austin and I have to admit it was exhausting!

The kids loved spending so much time with their cousins acting very silly! We went to the Denver Museum of Science and Natural History
We went to Casa Bonita (A Mexican restaurant in Denver that has terrible food, but is much loved by kids (and my husband) for its atmosphere including waterfall divers, fake gorillas, mariachi, caves, and an arcade.
Visited the Denver zoo, including riding on the train and the carrosel. Leif was quite happy that there were elephants there, since the Toronto zoo is lacking such a terrific animal.

We ate at a 50s diner where the kids got to have ice cream shakes with their meal.
We ate Donuts at a Fort Collins bakery near Grandma and Grandpa's house

We looked at the moon, planets, and stars through Grandpa's telescope
Rode Grandpa's riding lawnmower around
We visited Grandma Great in Idaho and the kids loved helping with the dishes and meal clean up
We played at Nonna's house
We enjoyed ice cream at Farr's
We played for hours at the park with Grandpa
We learned archery with Grandpa (Asher and Leif went fishing and 4-wheeling too)
We ate frozen custard and Nelson's (Heidi had a date with Grandpa there)
We went to the Dinosaur Park and Museum with Nonna
We visited the Train Museum with Nonna
We went to the Spaghetti Factory with Abbey and Nonna
We went to Temple Square with Abbey and Nonna
We played with Travis and his dog
We played at the park with Grandpa some more
We went to lunch with Great Grandma for her birthday and had pie at her house

Heidi especially loved playin with Grandpa's dog, Bella
Grandpa took all the kids on the 4-wheeler around the neighborhood
Heidi got to go ice skating with Abbey
Heidi enjoyed lots of snuggle time with Grandpa
We went to a tea party (aka princess party) with GG and all the girls in my family