Monday, November 20, 2017

2 1/2

Our little princess is 2 1/2! Wow she is getting big in a hurry!
Heidi LOVES her daddy! She often talks about him throughout the day, bringing him up in the conversation even when he has nothing to do with what we are talking about. The other day I was explaining something about the library to the boys and Heidi suddenly said "my daddy can go to the library. He's a boy and he's my daddy and he can go to the library". She just must be thinking about him a lot even though she only gets to see him for a few minutes in the morning and for a little while at night :) A few nights ago while Austin was getting Heidi ready for bed she started touching his stubbly beard and mustache and started talking about how it was prickly, then told him that it was beautiful. A few weeks ago, Heidi saw some pictures of Austin that I keep on my dresser mirror and decided that she wanted a picture of him in her room. I found a little one and she was so proud to put it in her room. Sometimes I catch her walking around with it-she sure loves her daddy!
However, even though she loves her daddy, she really likes to be with mom too. She loves to sit in the bathroom going through my drawer while I put makeup on. She especially loves to get my wedding ring out of its box and give it to me. She also loves to run errands with me alone on Saturdays when we leave the boys home with dad.
Heidi is extremely talkative! She is always saying something and demanding that we listen to her. Sometimes she gets going so fast that I've had to swear to Austin that I'm not giving her any stimulant drugs ;) She talks especially fast when she's trying to talk me into something or make excuses for what she is doing. If I tell her she has to do something she doesn't want to or stop doing something she wants to do, she says "no, no, no, no, no, no, I just . . . ." and gives me whatever her reason is. Last night she was hanging on the banister and when I told her to stop she first said that she was a big girl. When I told her big girls don't hang on banisters, she explained that she was exercising. When I reminded her that she has a pink yoga mat to exercise on (she likes to exercise with me in the mornings sometimes) she came up with the excuse that she was doing it for the baby- which makes no sense, but I had nothing to say to that and eventually just had to distract her with another activity. For some reason, Heidi usually refers to Trevor as "the baby". Sometimes she calls him Baby Trevor and always insists that he is her baby, but its just funny and seems impersonal when she says "the baby".
Heidi's imaginative play is also really blossoming lately! She especially likes to pretend to cook things, but imagines other things too and loves to tell us all about it. Unless of course she is just completely caught up in her play- then she doesn't talk to us much. 
Heidi is definitely a little fire cracker in our family! She adds spice and laughter to every day. Here are a few photos I got of her before church.

Plus a bonus of Leif with the baby snowman he built:

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

11 Months

Our little Trevor is getting big too fast. He is now very mobile, racing around the house on his hands and knees as fast as he can go. He loves to try to keep up with his siblings, but as ever, his favorite place is usually in mom's arms. Trevor has started pulling himself up and then squatting down to pick things up. He is a busy little guy that needs constant supervision, but is so happy the majority of the time. We've discovered the he loves popcorn (I just make sure to only give him soft pieces with no kernels) and he is delighted to share it with us. One evening Austin and I got him laughing for several minutes straight just because we were feeding him little bits of popcorn. He is such a sweet, pleasant little fellow!
Poor, little bug has had a runny nose for the last month! It went away for about a week, but then came back again when he picked up some new virus. It's just that season of the year- he's perfectly happy despite not feeling well, but he almost always has something stuck on his nose because I can't keep up with keeping it clean- and he hates when I do it anyway ;)

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


For a fun week-before-Halloween dinner I made stuffed bell peppers and carved little faces into each one. I only made three peppers because I knew the kids would only eat the filling, but Leif really wanted a pepper on his plate. I ended up eating it, but he enjoyed eating the filling out of it.
 The trunk-or-treat at church happened last weekend. It was quite small compared to ones we have gone to in the past, but our ward here is quite a bit smaller than in other areas we have lived.

 The kids loved carving pumpkins this year. I had to do much of the pumpkin gutting, but Asher and Leif carved their faces all by themselves this year.

 I carved Heidi's pumpkin for her after she showed me the face she wanted on it by making it herself. After I was done, she took the little knife and stabbed little holes all over the pumpkin just to feel like she was doing it herself.

 Here the kids are with their pumpkins.

 I didn't get any great photos with all the kids in their costumes. As you can see Heidi was Little Red Riding Hood (the only costume I made this year), Trevor was the "big, bad wolf", Asher was Iron Man, and Leif was a tiger (a costume I made a couple years ago for Asher)
 And here's a single of Heidi since she was blurred in the last one
Here are the kids with their stash of goodies. Trevor loved all the crinkley packages and the kids loved eating whatever they wanted for awhile. You might think from looking at the candy that Snickers don't exist here in Canada- they do, I just stole them all ;) The kids got tons of chips and pretzel bags, I guess that's a big thing here.

Friday, October 20, 2017

29 Months

This little girl is quite the handful! She is into everything, is constantly taking her clothes off, loves to climb all over the place, but is so sweet. We went to the zoo yesterday with a friend and her daughter (whom Heidi just calls "my friend"), so although I didn't do any special photos of just Heidi, I did get some of her with her brothers looking at the animals.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

10 months

 This sweet little guy is now 10 months old. He is crawling all over the place and is into everything! A few weeks ago, Heidi was frantically calling for me and when I went to see what she wanted, I found her standing by Trevor as he threw things from the bathroom garbage can into the toilet. Luckily, he wasn't playing in the water himself, though. He has tried to go up the stairs several times, so I told the boys to be sure to watch him if he gets close to them. One day Leif told me that we don't need to worry about Trevor on the stairs because he is really good at going up them- that's exactly the problem, Buddy :)
Trevor has continued his pattern of going to bed late (I've finally given up on trying to put him to bed early even though I can tell he is super tired and just let him stay up until around 8:30) and waking up late, which is pretty nice. He also usually consolidates all his daytime sleeping into one long nap which, if I'm careful, I can get him to take at the same time Heidi takes her after-lunch nap. He is such a cheerful little guy most of the time, especially if mom is holding him.
Trevor loves to eat! He has come to expect that if he is sitting in his high chair, he'd better be eating something. He loves to snack on cheerios when I don't really have anything else for him, but he's more interested in what everyone else is having. He's also started a nasty little habit of biting me several times a day. He usually just leans over and bites my shoulder, arm, or neck. I know I've encouraged it either by yelping in alarm when he does it or laughing at him, but I'm trying to keep a serious face and firmly tell him no, so hopefully that dies out soon. It really does hurt, so it's got to stop.
We are trying to teach Trevor some sign language (although Asher is really the only kid I had much success with-its hard to remember with all the other things going on), but he does have one real word down- Dad! He says it all the time in the evenings when Austin is home. He gets very excited and claps his hands- its so cute.
Trevor loves to clap and give high-fives. He is adored and well taken care of by all his siblings!

 And here's a bonus photo of Heidi, just because she had to have her picture take too :)

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Farmer's Market

I've been wanting to go to our local Farmer's Market all summer, but since Saturday is really the only day Austin can get out and do things, we've always been busy. So, when we were trying to decide how to spend our free day today, I talked him into going to the Farmer's Market. The kids had a lot of fun playing in a splash pool which is a skating rink in the winter. (This weekend is hotter than it has been all summer long, so it was a perfect day for it). There were quite a few booths selling baked goods, art, and jewelry which was fun, but I really wanted to go for the produce. We live in an agriculturally rich area and now is the perfect time for harvest and we got lots of yummy things- I was most excited about the honey crisp apples :) I was also very excited for a stand selling wood-oven pizza! The crust was so thin and it was very authentic Italian! Austin got his half with bacon and goat cheese and I got mine margarita. Too bad for him, the kids liked his half better and he ended up only getting a slice and a half. The kids and I had lots of fun, but since Austin got stuck pushing the stroller most of the time while I explored, he just got hot. I plan to go again in a few weeks when the weather has cooled down some.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

28 Months

Our Heidi is a busy one! She has recently learned how to crawl out of her crib (I've been trying to prevent this for months by keeping her older brothers from climbing around on her crib and picking her up whenever she seems about to crawl over the edge). She now easily gets out of her crib whenever she wants and wanders about her room climbing on anything she can and playing. The first day I found her naked, sitting on her changing table coated in really thick lotion. I've since moved the changing table to Trevor's room along with the clothes hamper and lots of the books she had. Her room is pretty sparse, but she still has a rocking chair, little table, and some toys/books. Just today she has decided that the rocking chair is a good way to reach the light switch and got out of bed several times after I'd put her to bed. She seems to be more likely to stay in bed when Austin is home, but naps and the nights he comes home late seem to be opportune times to explore her room.
Heidi also loves to strip down to just her diaper and if she is left to herself (like at nap or bedtime) she takes that off as well. We've come to the solution of always having her sleep in one piece PJs that have the footies cut off so it can go on backward and she can't unzip it. The only problem with this is that we only have two pairs so it happen now and then that I don't have clean pair because I haven't had time to wash one.
Here is Heidi in her favorite color: Pink! She only has a few pink shirts, but when she wears them she is very eager to also wear a pink skirt or pants (these are also few in number). She looks very silly, but it makes her happy. She also loves these purple boots, even when it is much to warm to wear them. They are too big for her, but she insists on them anyway. I don't mind because she can put them on by herself :)