Friday, April 13, 2018

16 Months

This little sweetheart is a toddler! He's all over the house, walking much more often than he crawls. He is constantly getting into something or climbing on something, but he's such a doll! Trevor is such a busy little guy. I find him playing independently more and more often, although he still loves to be with me all the time too. The other kids enjoy playing with him a lot too, although sometimes they would rather that he stay out of their games. He loves when they push him around in a laundry basket and sometimes Asher will do it for a very long time- so long that I can't believe he isn't exhausted. Trevor also loves pushing his popper toy around and playing with balls. The older boys like to play with him passing a ball back and forth.
Trevor is a man of very few words- he says more, dad, and nana (banana), but not very often. He prefers to point and squeal or just go get whatever he wants by himself. If he wants me to pick him up, he walks up to me and squeezes me around the legs as tight as he can. I should reinforce that he needs to learn to say "up", but I'm not really worried about his language skills. He is so much like Asher who also didn't say much until about 2 1/2 when words and sentences suddenly started pouring out of him.
I mentioned to the boys the other day that when Asher was 16 months old, Leif was born-crazy that I had a newborn with such a little guy. But the lives of the oldest child and the youngest child are quite different. Asher had to be a big brother (and is still so good at it!) but Trevor is happily enjoying being the beloved baby of the family.

Sunday, April 1, 2018


Dying Easter eggs was the highlight of the kids' week! The boys had been asking constantly when we were going to do it, so they were so excited when we finally got around to it. Of course, Trevor just did a lot of watching, but he had fun too.

Leif was determined to make a red egg, even though I told him that red was the hardest color to get to work right. He left it in for almost an hour, and by the end of it, he had a very red egg. Unfortunately, by Sunday morning, it looked more like dark pink.

Heidi was a little dye-happy and after she had finished her 6 eggs, she took one and dipped it into about every color she could get her hands on. It ended up being a greenish-grey color.

Easter morning was quite cold- we even got snow. So the Easter bunny hid the plastic eggs around the house (an completely forgot about the real eggs!) The kids were very anxious to get started. The boys had to wait for Heidi to wake up, but they couldn't wait for Trevor, and since he's too little anyway, we just let them start their hunt.
We made the boys leave all the pink eggs for Heidi just to be sure that she got some.

Here are Heidi and Austin opening a hatchimal. Little animal figurines that come in eggs- the kids are crazy about them!
They got mostly jelly beans and a few chocolates (perhaps the Easter bunny and his wife accidentally ate all the M&Ms and Cadbury Minieggs (which she has now sworn off!;) ) The boys also got some Legos scattered throughout the eggs and a few other toys. The boys were most excited about getting some bubblegum in their Easter baskets, since I typically don't allow them to have their own packs of gum- Heidi is too likely to get it and we'd have it all over the house and in her hair.

Look at those chocolate faces!

The kids ate the hard boiled eggs with some fruit for breakfast. We've discovered that all of our kids seem to love the whites, but won't eat the yolks- crazy- I was the other way around.

Monday, March 19, 2018

34 Months

Oh, Heidi is a sassy little thing! But she sure is sweet too! She is currently going through a mommy phase. She wants me to do EVERYTHING for her and while its very sweet, its also very taxing. She insists that I put her to bed every night (sometimes this includes tucking her back in several times each night), I have to be the one to attend to her when she gets up in the middle of the night (this usually doesn't happen, but has happened quite a bit recently with her being sick), and I have to be the one to do any other thing she thinks a parent should do. She still loves Austin- she loves to snuggle in bed with him on weekend mornings, she loves to sit on his lap when he's home, and almost every piece of art she makes is for him, but she definitely wants mommy for most things. Sometimes it drives me crazy (especially when she demands that Austin get out of her room when he tries to respond to her tantrum about being tucked in AGAIN or when she throws a sippy cup of water across the room because Asher brought it upstairs instead of me), but I just try to remind myself that she obviously has a high need for bonding with mommy right now and it will probably pass all too soon. I've tried to find a minute every now and then to give her all my attention and smoother her in love and she just eats it right up.
I have recently started doing 10 minutes of 1-on-1 time with a kid each day, rotating through the three older kids (Trevor gets plenty of 1-on-1 time already). They get to pick what they want to do with me for 10 minutes. Heidi's choices have included painting her nails, spinning in circles together, having me tickle her, and playing board or card games that she's not quite mature enough to play with the boys. She loves this time and asks me at least 96 times a day if its her "special day".
Heidi is very social and loves church. While we are there, she likes to walk around and visit with different women and teenage girls. She is particularly fond of the family who's dog we babysat recently, and sometimes refuses to sit with us because she would rather sit with them. The mom always has snacks for her, so this is a big draw for Heidi- but she also just loves socializing with other "guls" (girls) as she calls them.
Heidi's imagination just keeps expanding and I often find her by herself with toys lined up in some game. She makes them have little conversations sometimes. She will play just as happily with "boy" toys (which is good, because this is mostly what we have) but they are usually part of a family. The other day she was playing with two trucks and one was the daddy and the other was the baby. Recently she also likes to spread her blankie out with the back up because its blue and she likes to pretend that its water. I found her "swimming" with a stuffed whale, then she kicked him out of the water and was floating in the water with one of her dolls. Heidi is very confident about her swimming skills although she's never been. The other day Austin asked her how to swim and she told him "just get in the water and move your body like this and kick". She is very confident about most things- which is great!
Heidi is also very insistent about the things she wants. If I give her an answer she's not pleased with, she will ask me the same question over and over again hoping that I'll change my answer. One example is the other day she was standing in my bathroom with me while I got ready. She was digging through my makeup drawer pulling things out and asking if I needed them. I kept telling her "no, I don't need anything right now" but she just kept trying saying "yes? yes? you do need this? yes? you want this? yes? yes?" She does this with tons of things, trying to coach me into giving her the answer she wants.
Heidi is quite the little handful, but she is a delight and I have no worries that she will get exactly what she wants out of life! I remembered to take pictures of her just before bed, so she's already in her pajamas (although these rarely stay on once she gets in bed- she tells me all the time that she likes to feel her cold blanket on her tummy) and she also insisted on having her "baby bunny" with her in the pictures too. (She originally wanted to sit on one chair while baby bunny sat on another, but I finally convinced her it was better to share a chair)

Sunday, March 11, 2018

15 months

This kid just keeps getting bigger and bigger. (And for the last week or so, sicker and sicker ):
Trevor's walking skills are progressing. He takes several steps at a time a few times a day, but he would still rather crawl since it gets him where he wants a lot faster. He absolutely loves to crawl up the stairs, so I took some photos of him here to commemorate that. You might be able to see that one of his eyes look a little yucky. He's had a cold for awhile (we all have!), but started getting a goopy, red eye. I think its just from the cold, but we'll have it looked at if anything changes. Trevor continues to be a happy little fellow who is in love with his mama. He often shows me his love by leaning into me and laying his head on my shoulder for a few seconds or tipping his forehead to rest it against mine for a bit. Such a love bug! Trevor also loves music and will dance to any beat he hears. He's always rocking around and nodding his head. Shaking his head back and forth and nodding it up and down has become one of his favorite things to do lately and he also loves to raise his eyebrows up and down a lot too (something he probably picked up from Heidi). We love this little guy and are so glad to have him in the family!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Our handsome boy is growing up- he lost his first tooth. Its been loose for months (the one next to it too), but just finally came out this morning as he was eating his morning Cheerios. He was so excited that he suddenly yelled out that he had lost a tooth and had to run upstairs to tell dad right away. He has been carrying it around with him all day, playing with it and making comments about it. I heard him at lunch explaining to Heidi that she won't be an adult until her baby teeth start falling out. He was also very eager to learn about teeth during school today, so we took a few minutes to read about teeth as part of his reading practice. Here are some pictures I got of Asher to document his big day. He'll be putting his tooth under his pillow tonight to see what happens . . .

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Cinderella Ballet

We've been looking forward to this afternoon for months! My friend and I started planning to take our kids to see a play awhile back. It snowballed and turned into a bunch of friends going to see a full-scale ballet. Unfortunately the friend this originally started with had to go to a different showing because of scheduling, but we had lots of fun seeing Cinderella with our other friends. This was the boys' first ballet. I've been talking it up, but wondered if they would really love seeing a ballet (everyone else who went was female of course) but they really did enjoy it and we are already planning to see the Nutcracker at the same theater in December. I didn't include Heidi in this even because I thought she was too young to pay attention, but I think she will do just fine by the end of the year and given how engaging it was for everyone. (Heidi and Trevor stayed home with dad. It was their naptime anyway, so it wasn't too much work for him and it wasn't too traumatic for my little cling-on, Trevor). I had the boys wear their suits and ties and I wore a dress that I've never worn before because I don't want a baby stretching it out or getting goops on it. We may have overdressed slightly, but it was a lot of fun- for me anyway, Asher hates ties and took it off immediately after the picture above, which Austin took just before we left. Here are the boys with one of their friends waiting for the show to start. All the adults sat together and chatted and we let all the kids sit next to each other, which they loved.

Here are the boys and I before the show.

This is during the first half of the show. Asher sat like that almost the whole time. He relaxed a bit after intermission, but he was still completely engaged. Leif was relaxed for the whole show, but was still watching intently.

Here are the boys at intermission. I promised them that if the concessions were somewhat reasonable, I would by them a snack, so we stood in a big line and the boys got to order and pay for their own snacks- all part of the experience.

Asher chose pringles and Leif chose skittles. Here they are enjoying their treats while waiting for the show to resume. My friend and her three daughters are behind them.

Sharing their snacks. I also brought some goldfish and cookies (just in case the snacks were way to pricey), so I passed the goldfish out to the kids, and all the moms ate the cookies :)

After the show, Asher got to meet Cinderella. He was a little shy to shake her hand and talk to her, but he did it was happy to have a picture with her. Leif was too shy to do any of it and just hid behind me.

I'm so glad I got to share such a fun afternoon with my boys and friends. I'm even more excited for the Nutcracker and seeing how Heidi will react to ballerinas.