Sunday, March 19, 2017

22 Months

Heidi is 22 months old and still full of spice! Heidi is a social butterfly and loves to have people's attention. I always feel bad for whoever is behind us at church because they are sure to be entertaining her the whole time. Most people don't seem to mind it, but I'm sure its distracting. She likes to make people fix her bow, feed her Cheerios, or play silly games with her. She also loves to talk to them, although I don't think they understand most of it. My sister and I painted Heidi's toes for St. Patrick's day and she has been so thrilled with her pretty toe nail polish. She often points it out to me while I'm changing her diaper or putting her shoes on. Not much has changed with Heidi since the last update- she still talks and sings all the time, loves to draw/scribble, likes to try to dress herself, eats like a teenage boy (A LOT!), loves strawberries, snuggles any stuffed animal she can get in her arms, and is trying to keep up with her big brothers. Something I love to hear her say lately is "Boys!" or "Guys!" when she is trying to get her brothers' attention. She says it in exactly the same way I say it when I'm calling them :) Austin took these pictures of Little Miss after church today:

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