Thursday, May 11, 2017


 Our sweet little boy is getting big fast! This guy is such a sweet blessing to our family- he loves to smile and I find that when I'm stressed (which seems to be happening more than needed lately) often times when I look at him he will be smiling for no particular reason and that makes me smile. He also laughs a lot too- especially for Leif. Leif is often trying to get him to laugh, but sometimes he's not trying at all and Trevor will laugh at him anyway. The other day Leif was crying because Heidi hurt him somehow and Trevor started laughing. Anyone who is familiar with Leif knows that distracting him from crying can be tricky, but Trevor was able to do it very quickly and get Leif into a happy mood again. I've also noticed that Trevor stares at me all the time- which I may have already mentioned on one of his blogs. Its obvious that he is very in love with his mamma! Trevor is starting to get very handsy and grab at anything that comes too close.He is also scratching his face even more no matter how much I cut his fingernails. He scratches me a lot too, but my skin is a little tougher and doesn't get so many little cuts in it (although I have had a few from him). Trevor is getting his first tooth- for real this time. I thought he was getting some a few months ago because I saw little white things on his gums, but couldn't feel anything hard, plus he was drooling a ton (he still is). The doctor said those were normal and I didn't just imagine them. But the tooth is real this time- I can feel it. Asher found it a few days ago and was so excited. Trevor doesn't seem to be bothered by the tooth- he doesn't fuss any more than usual, which isn't very much as long as he's not tired, hungry, or by himself for too long. Trevor has started to really love the doorway jumper that I put him in a few times a day. At first he wasn't sure what to do, but now he bounces and bounces for about 20 minutes at a time before he gets tired and wants to get out. Trevor also enjoys sticking his feet in his mouth whenever he gets the chance and loves to play with his hands. Here are some photos:

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